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The Ultimate Super Grippy, Non-Sticky, Silicone Grip!

Monster Grips™ is a revolutionary, silicone grip that easily applies to your guitar picks, drum sticks, effects pedals, equipment, and more!
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#1 Choice for Musicians!

You've tried all the messy products. Now put a clean end to slips with the great feel and hold of Monster Grips™. Works great on guitar picks, pedals, drumsticks, microphones, wind instruments, and more!
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The #1 Guitar Pick Grip. A Perfect Solution.

Take advantage of the Super Grippy, Non-Sticky, Silicone Grip that is Ultra Thin, and stays Clean.

Rated 5 Stars

This product is just amazing. No more flying picks :). I have already recommended to my entourage and the response has been great. Just a great idea at a great price, even in Canadian dollars. And Customer service is no. 1 as well. Thanks. – Guy C.

Have you ever seen a the guitarist at a rock concert smash his sweet guitar at the end of a set? It’s because he dropped his pick. I absolutely love this product. When I play hard I used to drop my pick or have to readjust it in the middle of a song. No more. The other thing I love is that it can stick to my guitar. I like to pluck and use a pick in the same song, and now I don’t have to hold it in my mouth and sing. I just stick it to the edge where I can easily grab it. I wish this product was around when I started playing. – Sid E.

I have been using monster grips for about a week now and I have to say that I wish I invented these first! They are exactly what I have been looking for. I started by just adding it to one side of my pick but now I have it on both sides and it feels great. I also love the extra benefit of being able to stick my pick to the guitar when I’m done playing. It’s not sticky at all yet it sticks to the guitar. How is that possible??? Love it. – Carl

Just received my pack of grips here in the UK. What can I say – awesome!!! Easy to use and does exactly what it says on the tin. Grippy but not sticky. Much better than gorilla snot and the like. Will definitely be getting some more. – Jon H.

Don’t even have a guitar, still love these things. Small little ultra grippy stickers for use on my phone and camera. No more slipping! – David B.

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