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Monster Grips™ – 30% OFF – Independence Day Sale

This year has come with great challenges, namely the COVID-19 pandemic among others, and for many, it brought great loss.

Our hearts and prayers lift up those throughout this world who have endured such things. In the midst of this, there have been many voices clashing ideologies, with much of it a central focus on negativity and destruction.

In contrast, please take this moment to realize how blessed you are. In the face of adversity, there are still many benefits we each experience daily that we would not want to lose; Hope, health, love, an innate ability to reason and be productive, family, friends, and the list can go on, unique to the life you live.

Don’t let others steal your joy, or the ability to enjoy the things you hold dear.

Regardless of who you are and where you live, there is reason to remain hopeful and to enjoy the next breath that you have.

This weekend, Americans, as I and my family are as well, will celebrate a great day of Independence, purchased by innumerable sacrifices, which have afforded us liberties that we often take for granted.

May you all, all nationalities, people of all backgrounds and cultures, enjoy this weekend, and be blessed.

A most wonderful Independence Day celebration to all who have benefited from it, and may it be safe and enjoyable!

There is plenty of time to take advantage of the 30% off sale we are having through Monday, July 6th, so relax this weekend, and enjoy!

Use coupon code: JULY4

Scott Van Zen “Front Lines” A Tribute to Soldiers

Scott’s song reminds us of a soldier’s conviction that gets them through each day, regardless of the opposition they face…even from those that should be supporting them. In observation of Memorial Day, we honor the fallen in battle; who selflessly served a cause they esteemed greater than their own ambitions. Our hearts go out to those loved ones left behind by our Country’s heroes. We are ever grateful that we have such great opportunities and freedom afforded by the blood spilled.



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The Maker’s Dozen – Heavy Repping

If you haven’t heard of Heavy Repping (plectrum blog), you are in for a treat.

This blog is by far the most comprehensive pick/plectrum blog we have ever come across! John Tron Davidson does a fantastic job bringing to light the many nuances that make a pick so special, as well as exposes us to the great variety and manufacturers available. Be sure to follow all the channels! […]

Some Gave All – Memorial Day

As an American, Memorial Day is close to my heart. It is sobering to realize how much was given by family, friends, and neighbors, so that many of us can enjoy the freedom that was purchased with their own lives. We honor and thank all who were laid to rest as heroes that are the foundation on which our country is built. Also, thank you to all the families who have endured such great loss, and may this day of remembrance bring the best of memories with it, and pride in your loved ones. […]

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Tony’s Acoustic Challenge: 3 Cheap Guitar Pick Experiments You Should Try ASAP (AT34)

A very big thank you to Tony Polecastro with Tony’s Acoustic Challenge at Acoustic Life for such a glowing review in today’s excellent episode.
We are honored to be featured on such a quality channel, and highly recommend that you subscribe to if you have not already done so.

Tony put our product to the test in a very creative way, and was ultimately surprised that our superior product claims proved to be true! […]

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