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Tony’s Acoustic Challenge: 3 Cheap Guitar Pick Experiments You Should Try ASAP (AT34)

A very big thank you to Tony Polecastro with Tony’s Acoustic Challenge at Acoustic Life for such a glowing review in today’s excellent episode.
We are honored to be featured on such a quality channel, and highly recommend that you subscribe to if you have not already done so.

Tony put our product to the test in a very creative way, and was ultimately surprised that our superior product claims proved to be true! […]

Tyler Larson’s 10 Guitar Accessories You Should Own

Tyler Larson (Music is Win) is a respected musician and instructor in the community, with both an entertaining and unique delivery method. […]

Rob Chapman and the Captain Blind Test the Kemper vs Real Amps.

Oh the never ending battle of purist tone seekers looking for the Holy Grail of sound modeling/profiling in comparison to a tube (valve) amp rig.
Many say the difference is night and day, while others claim it is barely discernible.
Can you tell the difference between a real valve amp and the matching Kemper profile? […]

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BeatBuddy and DigiTech’s Trio Are Solid Winners!

Your fingers are itching to try out that new lick or solo you just heard, or perhaps you just want to have a moment of free speech with pure improv and song writing. With guitar in hand, you plug in to all your expensive gear that helps you achieve your monster tone, only to then reach over and click on your twitch inducing metronome. Oh the sound that haunts you each night! Sure, you could lay down a beat in your DAW, or ask one of the 99 drummers on your street, but no longer do you have to be plagued with such limits!

Two amazing pedal options, voted Best in NAMM 2015, now await your sonic mastery; the feature-packed BeatBuddy, and DigiTech’s drum beat and bass guitar generator, the Trio!

Based on the features available between them, they are both excellent additions to any pedalboard, rather than pit them in an apples to oranges comparison.

BeatBuddy hits the scene hard with more than just a beat selection, but 10 different drum kits! Right out of the box, choose from 200 songs that you get to control, or use the BeatBuddy Manager to make your own! Visit BeatBuddy’s site to learn more.

DigiTech’s Trio goes hi-tech with rhythm analysis, giving you two new band members (a drummer and bass guitarist) to play along with you! Visit DigiTech’s site to learn more.

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