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The Maker’s Dozen – Heavy Repping

If you haven’t heard of Heavy Repping (plectrum blog), you are in for a treat.

This blog is by far the most comprehensive pick/plectrum blog we have ever come across! John Tron Davidson does a fantastic job bringing to light the many nuances that make a pick so special, as well as exposes us to the great variety and manufacturers available. Be sure to follow all the channels! […]

Tony’s Acoustic Challenge: 3 Cheap Guitar Pick Experiments You Should Try ASAP (AT34)

A very big thank you to Tony Polecastro with Tony’s Acoustic Challenge at Acoustic Life for such a glowing review in today’s excellent episode.
We are honored to be featured on such a quality channel, and highly recommend that you subscribe to if you have not already done so.

Tony put our product to the test in a very creative way, and was ultimately surprised that our superior product claims proved to be true! […]

Tyler Larson’s 10 Guitar Accessories You Should Own

Tyler Larson (Music is Win) is a respected musician and instructor in the community, with both an entertaining and unique delivery method. […]

Cracking the (Steve) Morse Arpeggio Code – Video Included!

What an amazing article by Troy Grady @GuitarWorld!

This is probably the most technical article for guitar you will ever come across. Troy gets up close and personal with renown and highly talented Steve Morse; exposing the underlying secrets to what once boggled the minds of many.
Troy provides visual guides, examples, and even busts out with some Trigonometry! […]

Video Lesson – Diatonic Approach by Matt Quistorf

Take the guesswork out of progressions by utilizing the Nashville Number System. This video lesson by Matt Quistorf, at, shows you how to obtain a new skill that will clearly give you a roadmap when you play!

Video Lesson – Modal Sequencing by Matt Quistorf

Break away from playing straight scale runs by learning Modal Sequences! This video lesson by Matt Quistorf, at, shows you how to obtain a new skill that will intrigue ears and take you to the next level!