What are Monster Grips™?

Monster Grips™ are a revolutionary guitar pick grip that is super grippy, non-sticky, and stays clean. Surprisingly durable, yet ultra-thin, it is extremely comfortable and is certain to enhance your playing experience. Monster Grips™ amazing properties allow you to hold the pick even more lightly, producing even better articulation, while reducing fatigue.

How do I use Monster Grips™

Simply peel and apply Monster Grips™ to a clean, dry surface. That’s it!

What else can I use Monster Grips™ for?

Monster Grips™ works great on guitar picks, pedals, drumsticks, microphones, wind instruments, and a billion other things!

Where can I buy Monster Grips™?

You can easily order them directly on this website, but be sure to let your local music store know that they should be a distributor of Monster Grips™.

Do Monster Grips™ work with all picks?

Monster Grips™ will stick to just about anything with a smooth surface. We have yet to find a popular guitar pick that they will not adhere to.

Do Monster Grips™ work with sweaty hands?

Absolutely! Monster Grips™ are perfect for both extremely dry or sweaty hands! If the grip becomes slick from a buildup of oils and salts from sweat, simply wash the adhered grip with a non-moisturizing soap, such as Dawn™, to restore the original tack to the silicone.

Are Monster Grips™ sticky?

Not at all. Monster Grips™ are made from an advanced silicone that is super grippy, non-sticky, and stays clean!

Will Monster Grips™ fall off?

Nope. Monster Grips™ are extremely durable, and as long as you apply them to a clean, dry surface, they adhere with an extremely firm bond!

How long do Monster Grips™ last?

This result will vary greatly, but to give you an idea, our grips have in many cases outlasted the pick itself. If you use a metal, stone, or more durable pick type, or perhaps have very acidic chemistry, you will likely need to replace your grip sooner.

Do Monster Grips™ affect the sound?

No, they do not. Actually, Monster Grips™ are so “skin-like” that it will just feel natural, and greatly increase your ability to articulate!

How can I become a distributor of Monster Grips™

Thank you for your interest in becoming a distributor of our awesome product! Simply fill out this form and we will get back to you ASAP!