The #1 Guitar Pick Grip. A Perfect Solution.

Take advantage of the Super Grippy, Non-Sticky, Silicone Grip that is Ultra Thin, and stays Clean.

What are Monster Grips™

Monster Grips™ is a revolutionary guitar pick grip that is super grippy, non-sticky, and stays clean. Surprisingly durable, yet ultra-thin, it is extremely comfortable and is certain to enhance your playing experience. Monster Grips™ amazing properties allow you to hold the pick even more lightly, producing even better articulation, while reducing fatigue.

Monster Grips
Monster Grips
Monster Grips
Monster Grips
Monster Grips


Thanks to many supportive backers, we completed a successful Kickstarter campaign on 1/22/2014.

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What Other’s Are Saying

As an instructor I find it imperative that a student learns to keep a loose grip on the pick. The Monster Grips allow guitarists of all skill levels to focus on playing light and articulate without worrying about the pick flying out of their hands. With the advantage of being usable on any pick-type the Monster Grip is sure to help a player develop or maintain a lighter technique.

Matt Quistorf - Professional musician and Instructor
I taught for nearly eight years. During that time, I had to teach hundreds of students how to hold a pick properly. If I had access to these grips back then, I’d have had a much easier time!
Jesse Merkel, Instructor
I started out playing with my fingers, so switching to a pick was always difficult for me. Using monster grips helps to make the transition much easier when I need a harder or more percussive sound!
Monster Grips provide exceptional grip and pick control even with moist hands. They have been very helpful to me in both live and rehearsal settings and I would recommend them to any guitar player who has trouble with pick control.


When I first saw Monster Grips I thought, that’s cool I drop regular Tortex style picks all the time and so have switched to Dunlop MaxGrips but they are nylon and not really my preferred pick material.
Guitar Noize


I’ve been really impressed with his product! I definitely feel that my grip is much more sturdy when applying this small circular adhesive onto my guitar pick.
Found My Passion


The Monster Grips are such a great idea that you actually have to ask yourself why nobody had it before. Well, Andrew and his team had it, and they created a really cool product. The Monster Grip stickers work! They really increase your grip dramatically and feel good while playing.
Picking Zone,