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Monster Grips – 16 Count Pack


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A revolutionary, patented silicone that is applied as a sticker. Enjoy the clean look of this ultra thin, transparent grip, thatis super grippy, non-sticky, and stays clean.

Works great for:

  • guitar picks
  • drumsticks
  • effects pedals
  • microphones
  • brass instruments
  • woodwinds
  • a billion other things!

7367 in stock

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The #1 Guitar Pick Grip. A Perfect Solution.

Take advantage of the Super Grippy, Non-Sticky, Silicone Grip that is Ultra Thin, and stays Clean.

Monster Grips™ is a revolutionary guitar pick grip that is super grippy, non-sticky, and stays clean. Surprisingly durable, yet ultra-thin, it is extremely comfortable and is certain to enhance your playing experience. Monster Grips™ amazing properties allow you to hold the pick even more lightly, producing even better articulation, while reducing fatigue.

Note: Each grip is a high quality, durable silicone, .5 inches in diameter and about .3mm thick. A single grip will comfortably and easily fit most picks. If a greater surface coverage is desired, more grips can be applied.

Monster Grips - The Ultimate Grip for Guitar Picks and More!

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