As an American, Memorial Day is close to my heart. It is sobering to realize how much was given by family, friends, and neighbors, so that many of us can enjoy the freedom that was purchased with their own lives. We honor and thank all who were laid to rest as heroes that are the foundation on which our country is built. Also, thank you to all the families who have endured such great loss, and may this day of remembrance bring the best of memories with it, and pride in your loved ones.

Billy Ray Cyrus wrote “Some Gave All”, and after visiting Afghanistan and Iraq, re-recorded it. Please take a moment to listen to this beautiful version.

“Hi, I’m Billy Ray Cyrus. In 1989 I wrote a song called “Some Gave All” for a Vietnam Veteran I met in Huntington, West Virginia. Over the years and countless performances for world-wide audiences, I realized that “Some Gave All” is more than just a song, it’s a way of life. And, last year after visiting Afghanistan and Iraq and seein’ the morale of our troops, I wanted ‘em to know that we back home appreciate and honor their support and dedication to our country, so I decided to re-record ‘Some Gave All.’ I was fortunate enough to be joined by true American heroes like Jamey Johnson, Craig Morgan, and Darryl Worley. Together, we wanted to let our veterans know that we appreciate their sacrifice, that they are true definition of “Some Gave All”. Thank you for your support, and remember, thank a veteran.”
Billy Ray Cyrus |


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