If you haven’t heard of Heavy Repping (plectrum blog), you are in for a treat.

This blog is by far the most comprehensive pick/plectrum blog we have ever come across! John Tron Davidson does a fantastic job bringing to light the many nuances that make a pick so special, as well as exposes us to the great variety and manufacturers available. Be sure to follow all the channels!

We were honored to sit down with Heavy Repping for an insightful conversation, sharing some details that may be familiar, and some we have never discussed prior.


If you’re anywhere near this page, you’ll likely have heard of Monster Grips, the ultra-sticky plectrum holder. But do you know the story behind them? Having got my hands on some a while ago, and following the video reviewthat I shot of them, I felt that more people needed to know the remarkable story that led to their creation, so I collared company founder and mainman Andrew Federico Jr. and sat down to talk Tommy Emmanuel, silicon and survival. Read all about it!

HR – Thanks for talking to Heavy Repping! For those who don’t know, how would you describe Monster Grips?

AF – My pleasure. Thank you for the invite! Monster Grips are high quality, textured, silicone grips that you simply place as a sticker on your favorite pick, or anything else for that matter, for a greatly enhanced grip. Gone are the days of unwanted turning and dropped picks, among other things. Guitarists know all too well, that when a pick changes position accidentally while playing, there is a myriad of issues from that one simple annoyance: missing a string in sweep picking or string skipping, loss of attack as the side of the pick glances off the string, or even if the pick isn’t fumbled it is common to grip it tighter, or quickly try to reposition without jumping out of time. We’ve found that for most musicians, it is an accepted frustration…until they use our grips. That’s when they question how they ever played without them. We didn’t set out to make a company, but they are something the industry needs.

Read the full interview here.